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The Command and Control system requires the highest availability. Working together with Seed Software we have introduced the next generation control room providing a much greater resilience utilising latest technologies. Seed have been instrumental in delivering this solution because of their commitment in adopting modern techniques and technology. It is refreshing to work with a progressive partner to influence the next generation of public safety communications as technology evolves.

Sally Edwards, Shropshire FRS
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Cleveland Fire Brigade have been working with Seed Software for approximately 8 years, initially working on the MDT software and then on the Command & Control system which was enhanced by the University and Cleveland Fire and ICT Staff. The outcome was an enhanced dynamic computer system for Fire Service use. Improvements of the MDT and Command & Control software are part of our unique partnership which is to keep producing advanced software, Cleveland Fire Brigade will continue this partnership into old and new systems as they come along.

John Whitaker, Cleveland Fire Brigade


Here at Seed, alongside using the latest technologies to provide you with the maximum benefits from all your solutions, we also use the latest, cutting edge development techniques. We believe passionately in the agile software development approach. There’s an emphasis on working closely with the customer. We don’t control change, we welcome change. We empower the customers and the users so that they can get the system they want and need – not software that was defined on paper two years ago.

Being agile means that we operate in fluid teams. We maximize our capacity this way and respond quickly when needed. All our software is built with front-line crew and staff and has a reputation for being easy to use, having technical depth, being feature rich, stable and secure.


Customer Partnerships

  • Cleveland Fire Brigade
  • Shropshire FRS
  • Staffordshire FRS


  • Buckinghamshire FRS
  • Cleveland Fire Brigade
  • Hereford and Worcester FRS
  • Humberside FRS
  • Lincolnshire FRS
  • Merseyside FRS
  • Norfolk FRS
  • Northumberland FRS
  • Shropshire FRS
  • Staffordshire FRS
  • Tyne and Wear FRS
  • Warwickshire FRS
  • West Midlands FRS