Brigid Server 2 is the communications gateway that provides reliable, guaranteed delivery messaging between your Command and Control system and MDTs, Officer devices and stations.

With the second version of the software, we have redesigned the system to accommodate the latest challenges that fire brigades are facing.

As brigades are looking to share resources and cut down costs, they have naturally started entering partnerships and grouping into consortiums.

Therefore, Brigid Server 2 has been built to work across geographically separated data centres. It intelligently load balances messaging needs and ensures that your Airwave (Tetra), 3G/4G, LAN and TomTom connections are utilised in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

It is the first solution on the market that can work with two active gateways which gives you unparalleled redundancy and efficient, transparent recovery from failures.

Utilising the standard UK Fire Services GD92 lightweight messaging protocol means that Brigid Server 2 can interoperate with a wide range of Command and Control providers and offer support for the messages you require – mobilisation, status, crewing, make-up, informative, stop, text and others, including custom messages you may need.

If you are looking for a cost-effective messaging solution that seamlessly works across multiple brigades and a wide range of devices then look no further, Brigid Server 2 is here.