The Command and Control System is at the heart of fire control room operations. The fire control operators use the C&C system in conjunction with the control room ICCS to perform key tasks in selecting, mobilising, positioning and tracking assets. More»

Risk Management is a system to provide up-to-date risk information to your front-line crew quickly and from across the country, whether they're using a tablet or laptop, online or offline. More»

MDT2 is the upgrade to the existing "Mobile Data Terminal" software and it was designed from the ground up to work with new and modern devices. It provides incident details and mapping to your assets, messaging between the base and the asset and many other features to keep your staff safe and up-to-date. More»

Risk Editor is a tool combining Street Mapping technology with the associated risk information. Allowing fire fighters to modify any necessary information on the fly, ensuring that related data is up-to-date and stored securely, and so that safety measures can be met while fulfilling duties. More»

Brigid Server is the next generation of communications software and the central communication hub for all your inter-brigade needs. More»

The Retained Availability web application has been designed to provide Fire Services a tool to manage their retained stations, ensuring they have full knowledge of their officers and crews availability. More»

ACTV provides you with real-time coverage maps with asset visualisation coupled with easy "what-if" analysis. ACTV is an intuitive way to manage your assets and ensure that response times to incidents are quick, safe and compliant. More»

Put your officers in control of the information they require. More»

Technical Fire Safety is a system used for managing Inspections conducted on Risks. It allows to track, monitor and control premise information with enforcement notices, inspections and letters. More»

Automatically manage all of your Water Sources. A web-based Water Management solution for your brigade. Includes a seamless workflow from defect reporting to repair validation. More»