Friday 5 June

This June Seed Software celebrates its 10 year anniversary by inviting clients to attend presentations to reflect on and honour their achievements in the field of software development.


Seed has always emphasised the importance of client relationships and this can be traced back to its roots where a partnership was formed with Cleveland Fire Brigade to create 999 emergency systems. This enabled the development of software such as Command & Control, a mission critical 999 mobilisation system used for managing and communicating with fire engines to deal with all fire service incidents. From there Seed went on to develop its MDT software, this software sits in the fire engine itself and aids fire fighters by providing hazard information, rescue procedures and secure communications. These examples of mission critical applications demonstrate the quality and precision applied by Seed developers when creating software.


The company has been growing ever since and now serves over one third of the UK fire services – an incredible feat for a company founded on the principle of employing Hull students with no commercial experience. Although the company is housed within the university, it is entirely self-sufficient and, due to its status as a charitable organisation, contributes its money back into the university annually. Seed has tripled in size since 2012, with 18 full time employees supporting over 20 concurrent projects that vary from mission-critical software to web-based management systems. This provides students with valuable experience developing software that will enhance their knowledgebase and give them a competitive edge when entering the job market. This experience has proven invaluable in university studies which is demonstrated by the fact that all 2012-2013 interns achieved a first class degree and were hastily snapped up to fill graduate developer roles. Looking forward, a web-based software suite is being developed in partnership with Staffordshire that helps the fire service manage front-line risks. This presents exciting new opportunities to innovate and grow.