Seed Software has a core team of 13 experienced staff members. Seed also enjoys input from the world class, published researchers, lecturers and academics. This strong team stands toe-to-toe with all the major players in the emergency service market.

We also offer an internship program where we focus on aiding students to gain experience within the software industry. This experience has proven invaluable in university studies as our interns have a reputation for graduating with high grades, securing a well-paid job (or an offer for a higher degree) before they graduate and being sought after in the software industry both locally and nationally.



Job Offers

Seed Software are recruiting for the 2019/2020 Internship Programme, open to all second year Computer Science students at the University of Hull!

We have an opportunity for budding software developers to work on systems at a level that would otherwise take years to get to.

Spending a year as an intern at Seed will greatly enhance your job prospects after your course. It's a chance to fill your CV not only with the latest technologies, but also other aspects of software development that can only be taught through experience.

To read more about the internship and apply, search for "work experience" vacancies in "Yorkshire and the Humber" on the Hull Prospects website.